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Connect Smart Chatbots Powered by Dialogflow

Speed customer resolutions and automate conversations by engaging one of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence in the world. This can be done easily in just a few minutes.

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WordPress Chat powered by Dialogflow

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

By combining the AI of Dialogflow with the structured data of WordPress, Woocommerce and other familiar software, our chatbots can reach a high automation level and reduce the required setup time. They're smart and can perform complex operations.

Dialogflow chatbot

The Bot Communicates with Your Users

The bot is a virtual agent that replies autonomously to visitors' messages when it knows the right answer. When it can't access the correct response, a human agent will reply and take control of the conversation.

  • Automated communication
  • Easy 30-second installation
  • Custom bot reply delay
  • Human takeover feature

Bots Run Your Website 24/7

Save time and money by letting the bot work on your website 24/7. Using bots can help reduce agents' stress by answering repetitive questions automatically. The Dialogflow chat is always active.

  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Disable the bot during office hours
  • Active 24/7
  • Stress-reducing
Dialogflow 24/7

Dialogflow intent

Bot Training on the Fly

Improve the bot's performance with every chat by adding new questions and answers in real time. Human agents can reply to user questions and train the bot with new answers in just one click from the admin chat area.

  • Include multiple user expressions
  • Have your agents train the bot
  • Multilingual training

Rich Messages and Surveys

The bot has the same functionalities as any human agent! It can send attachments, media, Rich Messages or even surveys. Click here for more information.

  • Rich messages
  • Attachments and media
  • Surveys
Rich messages

Qualify leads

Qualify Leads Without Forms

No more static forms are needed to access the user's details. The bot will do all the heavy-lifting instead. With the help of Rich Messages, the bot can ask the user for their email and more in a human, conversational way.

  • Request the user's email
  • Get user details on the fly
  • Conversational, human approach

Multilingual Bots

Dialogflow's multilingual bots are fully integrated and can automatically use the user's language when available or the default language in other cases. No extra settings are needed.

  • Fully multilingual
  • Automatic language detection
  • Up to 32 languages
Dialogflow multilingual

Knowledge and Google Assistant

Google Assistant and Knowledge Base

Give your bot superpowers with additional knowledge. The bot will use your Support articles, Google Assistant, or Knowledge Base questions and answers automatically if no other answers are available.

  • Google Assistant
  • Dialogflow Knowledge Base
  • Support articles

WooCommerce Integration

By combining the Dialogflow's AI with the structured data of WooCommerce, the chatbot can read your WooCommerce shop contents and autonomously provide answers containing relevant information. Click the button for more details about this innovative feature.

WooCommerce Chatbot
Slack markup

Dialogflow Features

Take a look at the innovative Dialogflow features below. Each one is designed to make your bot truly awesome.

Dialogflow website

Easy to Use

No coding skills are required – just add your questions and answers using the interface, and Dialogflow will do the rest.

Free to Use

Dialogflow is free to use. Only enterprise businesses with a very high traffic volume will require a paid plan.

Prebuilt Agents

Import ready-to-use bots in just one click. Your bot will be able to reply to users instantaneously.

Small Talk

The bot can manage small talk and other general conversations without any extra development.

Bot Messages in Slack

Our full conversation sync feature includes auto messages, Dialogflow bot messages and Rich Message responses.

Machine Learning

Dialogflow uses machine learning to understand what users are saying and extract structured data accordingly.

Natural Language Processing

Using years of domain knowledge and big data, Google's Dialogflow NLP is among the most advanced in the world.

Sentiment Analysis

Dialogflow recognizes user sentiments and can spot frustrated users with score and magnitude metrics.

Entity Detection

Dialogflow can extract structured data from end-user expressions in order to understand questions like a human.